What We Do

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Environmental Stewardship

ImageProtecting Our Environment

We continue to invest in technology to meet and exceed environmental laws and regulations, as well as our own internal policies. One of those new technologies uses Trona, a naturally-occurring, sodium-based compound with a strong appetite for sulfur dioxide.

Our Business

ImageMerchant Energy

Petron Energy reduces risk by managing the spread between the cost of fuel used to operate electric generation plants and the revenue received from the sale of the power produced by those plants, and managing the spread between retail sales commitments and the cost of supply used to service those commitments to ensure stable and known minimum cash flows, and lock in favorable prices and margins when they become available.

Safety First

ImageOur Culture of Safety

Petron Energy is absolutely committed to the safety of our employees and our operations. We work hard to ensure that every employee understands our dedication to safety, which is why we identified safety as a critical component of our mission: "To focus on employee safety, environmental protection and our community responsibilities."